Guitarist's Groovebox is a souped-up metronome, designed for those who are interested in rock/pop music and learning or teaching guitar or any kind of string or wind instrument.

If you are fed up with the boring, sometimes even irritating "tick-tick" sound of a metronome, and want to have an accurate, simple-to-handle rhythm aid, this is the right app for you!

Guitarist's Groovebox utilizes drum patterns to help keeping tempo while also setting a nice mood for practicing. In the free version you can use the 'BASIC' groove, which is a common 4/4 beat, suitable for practicing your scales and strumming. With the tempo slider you can easily set the speed from 50 up to 200 BMP while an other slider let's you set a volume to your convenience.

Available now to download for free with one groove, and you can buy the rest for $0.99 in-App.

There is a choice of 6 more, useful grooves (shuffle, latin, waltz, funky, train, swing), all of them tailored to help keeping tempo while practicing your instrument. You can buy these grooves for only $0.99 inApp after sampling them for 10 seconds.

• 7 popular drum patterns
• Tailored to help keeping tempo
• Free tempo setting from 50 to 200
• High-resolution (iPhone 4) artwork

Sidenote: While you can listen to the grooves as-is, we recommend channeling the audio through a set of speakers or earphones, so it will sound as it was meant to. Please bear in mind that Guitarist's Groovebox is not a drum machine, it is not designed for stage or studio work. Instead it is a precisely calibrated, accurate, handy tool for practicing.

" It is worth it
You should be proud of this app it is pretty cool. The only drum beat app that i could find that is simple to use, sounds good and you can change the tempo. "

Jon Acheson, Canada